Вебинар по моделированию силовых систем в реальном времени для предприятий энергоснабжения, исследовательских лабораторий и производителей


Power System Real-Time Simulator for Utilities, Research Labs and Manufacturers





Backed by 30 years of expertise.
Reliability you can depend on.

Based on decades of research by Hydro-Quebec on one of the world's most complex transmission power systems, HYPERsim is the only real-time digital simulator with the power to do transient simulation and analyze very large-scale power systems with more than 2000 three-phase buses. 

Key features:

·         Rich Library of Power System Elements 

·         Automatic Task Distribution From One-Line Diagram Analysis

·         Precise Load Flow Analyzer for Automatic System Initialization

·         Parameter Modifications During Real-Time Simulation

·         Script & Automated Test Control

·         Offline and Real-Time Waveform Display and Analysis 

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February 14, 2013

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